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Meet The Team

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Rachel Ingber


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Rachel Ingber is the founder and CEO at Intentional Marketing. Rachel holds an extensive background in the multifamily division of the real estate industry, with experience in  leasing, property management and director of marketing for a large corporation.


Through her career she noticed the industry is ever evolving. Yet, the marketing aspect is truly an untouched niche that requires industry background to truly understand and assist properties to achieve their maximum level performance. 


Rachel loves the pulse of the industry, and all that comes with it. What excites her the most is when she can work with owners and operators that not only share the same goal of pushing their properties to succeed, but additionally share similar morals of reaching these achievements through kindness, communication, and integrity.

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Robert Rios

Chief Marketing Officer

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Robert’s background comprises marketing and sales experience. Prior to joining Intentional Marketing, Robert was the Chief Marketing Officer at CKO Kickboxing, building the gym franchise up from 40 to 100 locations in 18 different states across the United States.

Robert's multi-faced experience from franchise development, medical sales, and retail has allowed him to utilize all his accumulated  knowledge and marketing skills at Intentional Marketing. All of which allows him to consistently deliver high quality, results focused marketing for the multi-family industry.


Robert prides himself on working hard to provide for his family and making a difference in his community!

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Gee Zalavadia

Graphic Designer

Gee has been working as a Graphic Designer for over 7 years, with a keen eye for perfection. He has been able to achieve our goal of creating magnificent property and management design projects which stand out, and sets Intentional Marketing apart from the rest. 


He has the ability to handle simultaneous projects, concepts, creations and graphic designs all while providing each a hands-on experience. His professionalism and love for design shows in his work. 


In his free time, Gee enjoys traveling to colder climate locations, and playing around in the kitchen cooking new dishes.


Aaron Gruskin

Data Analyst 

Aaron Gruskin holds an extensive background in the multifamily division of the real estate industry, with experience in acquisitions, on-site property management, and mortgages. Prior to joining Intentional Marketing, Aaron was a data analyst for a leading brokerage shop in real estate industry.

Through Aaron's journey in real estate, he developed a keen understanding and passion for the numbers of multifamily assets. His multi-faced experience gives him a depth of understanding the numbers from different perspectives.


His intuitive eye for detail gives him a vantage to truly understand and assist properties in achieving their maximum level of performance.

My value proposition for Intentional Marketing is in the people. It takes a quality team to build something great. I believe the route to achieving a great team is to provide positive workflow energy, great communication, and ultimately treat the team as family. We truly achieve more together than as individuals.

- Rachel Ingber

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